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From the minute you walk into our Bayside Wattbike training studio, you will feel a part of a group environment- yet unique. YOUR fitness goals are the only thing that matter. Have you ever walked into a class and become addicted? Cycle class, indoor cycling, cardio- call it what you will- are a proven, low impact way to get fitter – the focus at 2000 Watts is on your improvement in every class and we call that a win!

You and your screen. If you want to wear your Lycra- go for it- shorts and a tee? Your ride, your choice!

45 min to concentrate on you.

Bayside group fitness classes take on a whole new level with this training. We have HIIT classes and core classes too.

Cycle classes – specifically Wattbike classes- torch calories and indoor cycling will make you a better athlete- of any discipline. There’s a reason why the top teams and athletes from many different sports use Wattbikes to train on.

You will gain both endurance and distance in the legs, in a fun, group environment. The training is hard, but the results make it worthwhile.

Our mission is for you to leave feeling happy and empowered in your fitness journey. As a result you will be able to tackle things you never thought possible- weight loss, Ironman, big watts (never get dropped on the hills again), or just keeping up with the kids you know we’ve got you!

Not a gym person, but want results? Our Wattbikes are Olympic standard training tools that track all of your data. We use that data to make the beginner better, the better good, and the good best.

Come and make a plan for FAT LOSS, STRENGTH GAINS, FTP testing and endurance. If you are a beginner- we have Wattbike Trainers- they are great to start on. Then you can graduate to a Pro.

You can monitor your pedal stroke, your kilometres and your calories – Data is the best way to know if you are progressing.


We use data to make the beginner better, the better good, and the good best.

It’s a process, for some a lifestyle, for us – a promise!  Your best is important to us, how important is it to you?

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