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At 2000 Watts , we’re a different spin on Spin. The best indoor cycling experience is a productive one, one you love, one you crave, one you can measure! Let others spin to the music, we train to the music. Our mission is simple, though not always easy: we cultivate excellence – mental focus, physical toughness, consistent results, one pedal stroke at a time.

We build the best version of you, with the Wattbike. Whatever your goal – weight loss, Ironman, big watts (never get dropped on the hills again), or just keeping up with the kids – we got you! Our Wattbikes are state-of-the-art training tools that track all your data. We use data to make the beginner better, the better good, and the good best.

It’s a process, for some a lifestyle, for us – a promise!  Your best is important to us, how important is it to you?

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Latest News & Events

Forget about the Pain!

In a world with a pill for everything we’ve become phobic about pain.  Pain is your friend; it’s simply feedback. Without it we’d never know…

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Our House!

Anytime the words, ‘long ago’ or ‘back in the day’ get flung about a sense of fairytale akin to ‘once upon a time’ must surely…

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Women in Cycling and Fitness

There are many reasons women should enjoy cycling and fitness. There are also many articles for women based around weight loss and looking a certain…

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