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If you come to my classes, you might only know me as that woman who pushes me up the hills over and over again – oh no not another power burst, why? I feel like stopping, what does she know? My watts are fine, what am I getting out of this? 

Now, if I said that to my coach when he puts another weight on that barbell, it wouldn’t go down well. I push you harder, because I know you can do it and it will make you better. Let’s face it, it’s 45 mins out of your day and that’s the only access I have to you, so I’m going to try to access that part of your brain that strives for more. It might be more watts, more pace, more effort in a sustained set, or it might be simply getting there at all. I know how to program. I live and breathe it.


Why am I qualified to tell you what to do, and to demand another power burst?

Guess what I have going for me? Apart from raising two kids and running a household, weight training and client training, spin (indoor cycling) is ALL I do – for hours, nearly every day of the week. I see how bodies respond – all manner of them – and I see how music affects performance. I test my programming on my own body, day in day out. I live and breathe what I tell you to do. And you know what? I’m getting better everyday. 

I’m a human experiment for this programming, and if I don’t progress, or feel it, it’s out! I know down to the second, where each of my classes and most people in them need to be. Why? Because, I study it, I do it. I never stop learning, researching, understanding – using myself as the test. I’ve been though high-endurance and, as an athlete, I was skinny fat and weak. Explosive power has made all the difference in my spin game. Why would I not bring that to you, why would I not ask you for another power burst?

I periodize all my classes. You know those long hills? Those flats where you just have to stay on pace? All planned. I bring techniques I’ve learned through weights, birth, and life. I bring passion. At the end of the day, it’s 45 mins but it is the pathway to a new life. I love so many people in all of my classes and it’s you who keep me going on the 14th hour of a big day.


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