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An open letter to my two girls, from your Mummy (lessons passed down from your Nonna), on this happy International Women’s Day.


Girls, at the time of writing this, I am 37 years old – that may sound super old to you – but the ideas and tips I’ve learned along the way have helped to make the skin I’m in a more comfortable place to be now, and even though I’m older I’m more alive than ever.

So, I don’t know if Facebook will be around when it’s time for you to get an account – or if you’ll even ‘friend’ me, but I’ll leave it up, just in case. Here we go, in no particular order:


1. Try not to stress about what others think about you – they will think it anyway – it’s okay not to be ‘liked’ by everyone.

2. Say ‘no’ sometimes, without excuse, just because the thing you’re being asked to do doesn’t feel right or sit well with you.

3. You’ll know when you come across people who are only after what you can do for them – do it sometimes, because you can, and because you have what they want in abundance, but don’t let it deplete you.

4. Value your work – don’t do too much for free.

5. Be kind to those who are unkind to you, or about you. Just don’t give them any of your real self. Often, (unless they are psycho – when there is no rhyme or reason), they may think they want what they perceive you to have or be. They need to work for that themselves.

6. Walk away from drama – if people have nothing better to do than discuss you, that’s none of your concern or business and there are far more important, gut reaching, life-or-death dramatic things going on in the real world.

7. Know that you are important and worthy.

8. Get strong. If someone tells you you look manly, and it’s a guy, ask them when they are going to start looking manly too.

9. You don’t have to be polite, if something makes you uncomfortable, you are allowed to and must remove yourself from the situation.

10. Call me at any time, I, or your dad, will come get you.

11. Eat freaking carbs.

12. Eat to support your sport, not to fit into your dress, that will be a byproduct

13. Embrace your creativity, be eccentric, it will work for you.

14. Read a variety of literature.

15. Watch funny movies, serious movies, movies with no sound.

16. Learn some other languages and travel while you can.

17. Look up from your phone.

18. Walk places, just for fun.

19. Write, write, write.

20. Do what makes you happy, really.

21. Hold your head up high, value yourself.

22. Give to the world- charity, time, compassion

23. Have a crack at an Ironman, a huge climb, a big squat, singing in a band or choir – it’s your own journey, take from it what you want.

24. Remember – from Maya Angelou – I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.


25. I love you, my squirrels #strongwomen #knowthembethemraisethem


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