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Anytime the words, ‘long ago’ or ‘back in the day’ get flung about a sense of fairytale akin to ‘once upon a time’ must surely overwhelm the listener. Still, that mythical time — the long agos and in the days – for some, formed them. It was a time of big steel cars and cassette recorders and flared pants, or earlier. The internet was not even a fable – still total science fiction whispered about in Ivy League engineering faculties, and nobody could have foreseen the glut to come of it.

In this day, identity is no longer a product of accomplishment and camaraderie but of conformity – conformity to political correctness, to hyper-stylized lifestyles, to impossible photoshopped ideals, and, sadly, to the ubiquitous ‘like’ button. It was not always so. The adage, ‘Show me your peers and I’ll show you yourself,’ reflects our tribal nature. We learn from others. We assimilate into communities – tribes, if you will. Choose your peers wisely, they will help shape you.

Back in the day, at the heels of every pitch came the reply, “Show me!” A pretty photoshopped photo was just not good enough. “Want my money? – prove it!” And those old timers could. Proved it, lived it, day in day out. Many seekers, many outcasts, many hopefuls came to their house, their tribe, and found home. Some were mentored. They continue those ways. We are 2000 Watts – and we carry that tradition. We don’t f-ck about here. We train men and women, boys and girls, to accomplish and excel – and the devil take the ‘like’ button!


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