Fully online- zoom spin Wattbike cycle classes! Rent and hire a Wattbike and get zoom classes to keep you accountable from home.

Cycle classes are about getting stronger, fitter and faster. You should leave with a goal and a plan for your fitness. Fat loss, FTP, leg strength, returning from injury – these are all things we tackle on our  Wattbikes.

Our Wattbikes are Olympic standard training devices, our class structure is performance designed and focused, and our people will educate and encourage you to excel. We are not about traditional ‘cardio’’spinning’. We conduct scientifically structured, measurable, power training in a cycle class format. We’ve not just reinvented the proverbial wheel but perfected it, and you’ll find one on the front of your Wattbike! To us, a Wattbike is just another barbell, a better barbell.

To book via MINDBODY please see link below


or contact nicoletta on 0438004184 to arrange a rental and delivery in Melbourne

Mission Statement

At 2000 Watts, our mission is simple, though not always easy: we create and maintain a community of excellence – physical excellence, mental toughness, consistent accomplishment. We all begin where we are, and develop. Bodies of dough become hard as wood. Uncertain minds develop focus. Impossible goals become weekly milestones.


Everything worthwhile – from careers to family to finances, takes time and application and guidance.

Results speak for themselves. At 2000 Watts, all are welcome, all are nurtured, all accomplish, and all shine. That’s our mission. Purpose, protocol, product – our process is a science, and a joy. We mentor all, and welcome everyone. Come see for yourself.


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