• Do I need to be fit to do power-based training on a bike?

    No, you will work on improving in every class. You will have sign a medical form disclosing any injuries or pre-existing conditions, but in terms of experience, none is necessary.

  • What do I need to bring?

    A towel, water-bottle and bike shoes with road or SPD cleats.

  • How many classes do I need to do week?

    Up to you, but two to three is ideal for strong results.

  • I don’t like cycle will I like this?

    We don’t do spin. You will have clear objectives – clear data -the bike is just our training tool to make you better and stronger.

  • Do I need shoes?

    If you don’t have bike shoes, normal runners are fine too.

  • Where are you located?

    27 Viking Court, Cheltenham Vic 3192.

  • I have injuries, can I still participate?

    Yes, as long as you disclose and we discuss – bike riding is low impact on joints.


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