I’ll start my fitness journey tomorrow


What story do you tell yourself — or, rather, what story has been told to you that holds you back, that prevents you trying, that makes you say ‘I’ll start tomorrow’? Mine was ‘I’m too unco. I can’t move well.’ I was teased in school for running like A horse,’ among other things. But, this story has ceased to be viable — I can now run a marathon, do an Ironman, and lift weights I once only dreamt of. And I’m lean and strong too. So, my story is not true, but it could completely floor me if I don’t constantly and consciously recognize this. You are the same, unless you’re exactly where you want to be in your life.

We in the fitness industry are compromised from delivering the truth by all the bullshit fads alleging you can get anything you want in 12 weeks. If you were knocking down your house to build the one of your dreams — the planning and time necessary is much longer than 12 weeks. You accept the process, both the progress and setbacks, and move on to your dreams. In most cases, you just have to sit with it and persevere, you don’t say ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’ Why is building and changing your body any different?

I’m fortunate to work with many athletes who know change takes time. A class that just wants to listen to music and sweat, and that’s fine, but then expects fantastic results without having to sit with the discomfort of real and purposeful training is unrealistic. It’s unfair to me as your coach and to you as participants. Bodies hard as wood and output like human engines takes time, and a foundation. It’s an investment, like building a house. Fat-loss is an art!

If you’re a beginner and the work is uncomfortable just sit with it. Get help if you need it. Find a coach or get a program. Be accountable for your sleep and food and recovery — or you will be the same in five years, or worse. Those tomorrows will never come unless you start today! Everyone is the same — two arms, two legs, etc. The couch potato and the athlete are the same, except one is watching on while the other is building their dreams. Stop watching!

I know in this social media age it’s much easier to gaze at others’ efforts, then to fold the washing and get your work clothes ready and say ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’ You pack away those dreams and grab your keys and head for the train — into your ordinary day. You get home at night tired and wasted and scroll through your Instagram to see watts and cycle kits and weights, and the cycle begins and again you think, ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’

This time, when the alarm wakes you, what if you break the routine? What if this time you do something for yourself? Take the time and come to a class. Come with a goal, a plan, or just a feeling — it’s enough to work with. That itch you have will rise to the surface and be replaced with the glow of a dream pushing its way to the front.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter what condition you are in — class by class you’ll let go and we’ll rebuild you, one minute at a time. Mind and body. Don’t wait till tomorrow.


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