Responsibility for your fitness begins and ends with you


Mindset can make you. If you come at something with a fixed mindset- ie: I hate cardio, spin sucks, nothing works for me- well, you are creating negative energy for yourself. Turn it around and take responsibility for yourself and your own body. Watch the difference as you get to know the way you work- what your body responds to- what time you train best- what your weaknesses are.

We are here to help you fly. We are for you. We are group fitness classes. We are individual numbers. We are power. We are endurance. We are about the internal fight and the external confidence. We know that to get results in any area begins with dedication to base fitness and strength. With that comes better life quality, weight loss, muscle gain and a better ability to excel at your chosen discipline. Your instructor has taught for years and put her own body through a lot – book and and expect to change as you become a part of the team.

But don’t expect and easy ride. We can help, but we can’t do the work for you. That’s not how obstacles are smashed and the other side is found. You need to find the you that is a responsible and accountable adult. Not just the classes- but the things outside of the training- take responsibility for your recovery, your food, your life beyond the gym- everything is a reflection of you

Test yourself and you’ll be glad you did. #indoorcycling #spin #wattbike #studio #stronger #faster #triathlon #ironman #bikes #ftp #weights


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