Sing-Song Sweat Sessions!


The body is simply a machine; the only one you get, and it needs sweat sessions. It can be friend or foe – the choice is yours. It doesn’t matter what sets off your bells and whistles, whether an unkind word from a loved one, a simmering resolution, or medical condition, whatever – but when you make that decision, remember, your flesh is not your friend. Not yet. It’s priorities are comfort and survival, not the warrior you’ve determined to become. It will fight you, physically and psychologically, but your victories will come quickly, and accrue, if you understand and accept that all change comes at the point of effort.

Regardless of the media, the spin doctors, the fitness business, one adage stands true: you will reap what you sow. The couch breeds a belly, the bike breeds a beast. In times long past, when physicality – whether at the end of a plough or a sword – determined prosperity or survival, most knew this one machine you possess, the only thing you truly possess, is your greatest weapon and advantage, and it thrives with effort, with sweat sessions.

It’s all reps. Were you called on to run Marathon and deliver the victory cry tomorrow the wise would bet long odds. Were you conditioned to the task, mile after mile, pedal stroke after stroke, your victory is assured. But you must conquer flesh first. It’s just reps – same way you eat an elephant, one bite at a time! Dare to try. 

Courage comes at the edge of fear. Plunge headlong into the battle, my friend, without notion or regard, and you’re merely a buffoon; master your apprehension, swallow down that adrenaline and pedal, walk, run – whatever, and you will realize courage, and, inevitably, irresistibly, turn flab to fab, worrier into warrior. Dare to try. It’s all just reps, just miles.

Don’t just roll your legs to sing-song sweat sessions while anticipating the doughnut. At least, not here. Count the miles. Track your effort, your power. Set your target. Chase it. Swallow hard and cultivate excellence. Discover, every day, that newer, that stronger, you. Who can stop you if you dare? It’s just a machine, and it’s yours.


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