Why 2000 Watts?

It’s all about you – your pedal stroke, your numbers, your watts, your progress – be it fat loss, muscle gain, power, endurance or all of the above. Numbers don’t lie. Nor does the feeling you get when your clothes begin to fit, when you can chase your kids around the park, when you can get out of bed early for a ride, when you dominate a lift in the gym, or tackle a triathlon with your family watching from the beach, or whichever mountain you choose to conquer. These things follow with the confidence you can gain by blasting out ten times your bodyweight in watts, with the satisfaction of a threshold personal-best, with the joy of connecting to the music and smashing some intervals, or riding a tempo ride. And you’ll just love our Wattbikes! Spin with results

Traditional Cycle

This is not a traditional group-fitness class that you just waltz into for an instructor to push you in the dark through some nonsensical routine while you trust and hope it yields something unlikely and never quite specified. No, here you’ll be diagnosed and focused and cultivated. We set no limits to your ambitions.

POWER, Health and STRENGTH are what we live by.


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